3 Tips Why You Are Not Your Past

3 Tips Why You Are Not Your Past

Do you feel held back by Your Past?

Are your stories preventing you from taking the next step in the direction of your true potential?

In this blog post and video I will share with you 3 Tips Why You Are Not Your Past. 

Inspirational quotes about “Your Past

Your Past does not define you it prepares you. ~Unknown

Your Past is just a story and once you realize this it has no power over you. ~Unknown

We were all born into a story and we all have made mistakes, suffer lost, experience betrayals, hurt, discouragement and even disrespect. Often times we try to suppress or deny our experiences. Losing our self-worth is easy during these not so good times. It’s very important to understand that with every loss there is an equal or greater opportunity to gain. It’s very important that you install these 3 tips to help you Navigate Through your Past experiences to create the abundance you deserve and learn how to tap into your Personal Power.

  • Tip #1 Form an IDENTITY
    “Know Thy Self” are some powerful word. You are no longer troubled by your past experiences when you spend time to extract the lessons from your experiences. This is where the break through occurs and your self confidence rise. You no longer seek validation from others because you are now aware of how you can turn your wound into wisdom and grow. 

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  • Tip #2 Develop a PURPOSE
    You were chosen on purpose for a purpose. Your purpose must 100% of the time involve other people. Purpose is the engine that drives your life along the journey. It’s about living your life on purpose creating new opportunities to impact others and add value to their life and help them be the best version of themselves. Amazing things happen when you become purposeful. 


  • Tip #3 Create a VISION
    Ancient quote: Where there is no vision the people shall perish. Your vision must excite every fiber of your being so when you share it with others you transfer that believe. People like to be a part of something that is bigger than themselves. Don’t worry about “HOW” the vision will manifest. 99% of the time the HOW is off your radar. Once you are taking correct and consistent inspired action that is in alignment with your vision. You will attract the events, the people and the circumstances that will help you manifest your vision.

With a combination of the 3 above tips You are now positioning yourself to move forward from Your Past in the direction that will allow you to enrich your life, make a difference and impact others positively.

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Julie Syl Kalungi Reply

Indeed I am not my Past, And thank God for that! I love that I have a choice as to what I can be tomorrow. Its in my power and Thats is awesome. Its super important to know who we are. I am who I am. To have a Purpose, we all have a divine purpose we simply need to listen to the inner spirit to guide us and the vision, is what we all aspire to, Should be MAssive!

    Stephon Hinds Reply

    Absolutely Julie. We all need to listen to our inner voice thats moving us in the direction of our devine purpose.

Al Pagett Reply

Very interesting and inspiring yng man. Keep moving forward because that’s where everything you desire is. One simply cannot make progress living in the past. They must lock the doors on yesterday and throw away the keys. One can either live his life scripted by his past, or he can script his life, every moment by moment by moment, moving FORWARD. No amount of guilt can change the past, and no amount of worrying can create the future. One has to embrace the present, and take, as you mentioned, CONSISTENT, PERSISTENT ACTION.

    Stephon Hinds Reply

    You know the vision of helping people to stop acting from their memory in a disempowering way and act from their imagination. That’s were the magic occurs.

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