The internet has changed how we communicate and how we do business across the world. If you only use the internet as a platform for entertainment purposes only, It’s time to visit some advantages on how owning a Blog, will help your Brand and Business. a blog gives you the opportunity to establish your piece of intellectual property so you can be more effective here in The 21st century and add more value to your target audience.

A blog is not only for large corporations. It’s really an equalizing factor that gives the average person an opportunity to provide value to their targeted audience on a global scale.

If you are using social media Social Media to grow your brand, The sad thing about using social media you do not own it and unfortunately if you violate their terms and conditions you will be booted off. I remember the days I use to post my links on Social Media and branding my Network Marketing Company. If you are currently doing that stop. You are repelling potential customers or teammates. Take a quick look at all Top Producers, Income Earners and Leaders they all own a Blog. Click here to set up your own blog in 5 minutes for FREE!

Let us dive into the meat and potatoes and learn my top 5 most important WAYS how a BLOG CAN HELP YOUR BRAND AND BUSINESS

1Help People:

You were created to serve and Helping people one on one is always good, however; when your brand and business starts to grow exponentially you will need a central hub where people can consume your contents and learn more about you. So if you are operating in the Home Business space a blog is a crucial ingredient to take your business to the next level. Creating a Blog post can be done from the comfort of your home in your PJs or even on your smartphone.


2. Market or Promote a Product or Service:
A blog gives you the opportunity to reach people outside of your local area. A Blog is an inexpensive and effective way to market or to promote to your audience on the world wide web.  You will be able to serve your audience that’s in a different time zone. Just imagine creating a blog post that solves a problem, the potential is there to get residual leads and sales because that content is out there working  24 Hours. The internet never sleeps.

3.Build Credibility & Personal Brand:
Like attracts like, people join people that they know love and trust, whilst your product or service may be the best. People are looking for people that they connect with. To effectively build your credibility and brand just show up as a servant leader share valuable contents  that solve an identified problem for your targeted audience. The law of reciprocity will take effect and people will reach out to you asking to be a part of your value base community.  This is how you build a loyal network of people that are ready to take action when they engage with your contents.

4. Make Money:
People start a business to make money. Very soon they shift the focus and look to serve more people. Over the last 6,000 years in business, the person who provided the most value makes the most money. By having a blog you get to further monetize your efforts and create additional streams of income by Advertising, Selling Affiliate Product, Selling Your Own Product or by Selling Your Coaching Program.

5. Educate and Entertain:
A high percentage of people come online to be educated or to be entertained. The internet starts with a search and ends with a search A Blog gives you an opportunity to allow your target audience search to end on your blog. So you can provide them with value. People will always show up in your life and you just have to learn how to position yourself to provide a solution and often times you will be compensated for that value that you provide.

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Indeed. The internet has made tremendous improvement in our diurnal lives!

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    Absolutely Maria

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