Stephon Hinds

Have you ever wondered if there’s MORE to Life than just working a job and retire at 65?

Do You possess that burning feeling that you were meant to do something BIG to help others and Make a Difference?

The tension was high, you could feel it on your shoulders like an 18 wheeler trailer. The only sound that that punctuated the silence was the sound of trembling hands emptying desk draws as his coworkers cried as they say good by in their emotional distraught voice. 

The organization that Stephon worked at were downsizing. For him, the experience was heart wrenching. He sat in his seat and was actually shaking too, so terrified. He did survive the layoff but he was very concerned. After giving up his second job because of working 16 hour days. Stephon felt helpless Knowing that his family has needs, a mortgage, bills, car payment and day to day cost. All he saw was defeat and agony.

After spending 34 years on the beautiful Island of Jamaica. Stephon’s interest was aroused to travel outside of Jamaica by the repeated slogan that “America is the land of opportunities”. His expanding interest drove him to the U.S. Embassy and he was denied 6 times. He kept his faith and finally migrated in 2008 through the sponsorship of his amazing Mother.

In that same year, Stephon’s High School friend encouraged him to read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, In the wake of reading that awesome book Stephon comprehended that working until he is 65 to retire will keep him in the rat race and rob him of his most productive years. This made him open to learn how he can launch a Part Time or Full Time Business from Home.


His life was changed the day his sister called, being a Federal Attorney, who is Sharpe, Driven and Business Savvy. Her voice was filled with excitement as she urged Stephon to look at some information about a government mandated program. This program was design to help people Save Money or Make Money.

Stephon Immediately caught the concept and saw the vision of how huge this will be. He saw a vehicle of positive change, A vehicle to teach others. This completely changed Stephon’s outlook on Life. He at long last discovered an approach to Make a Difference.

Stephon’s most grounded “WHY is to secure his daughter college fund and create financial flexibility so that he and his wife can travel the world and follow their passion of helping others.

Why a blog

Stephon’s only focus is on constant learning and growing and Improving his effectiveness as a Communicator, Leader, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Coach so he can continue to be of value to his colleagues and audience.  The internet is a great place to connect with likeminded people all over the world, build relationships and share what’s working now strategies, tactics and processes that will create value for you.

Personal Interest

Dancing is what Stephon love most, you drop the beat and he will drop some fancy legs. His adoration for soccer began quite a while back. He doesn’t play anymore, yet he enjoys watching the games. He is an ardent Basketball fan and his new past time is American Football. Being from the Island of Sprinters, Track and Field is an unquestionable requirement on his datebook. At the point when Stephon is not out adding value, you would find him in The Kitchen with his family whipping up some Caribbean dish or cultural tasty meals. He gathers cologne and has said over and over that Colognes can never be excessive.

Stephon’s Vision

Everyday Stephon Wakes Inspired to Inspire people like You to take charge of your life and future by starting a part time fun Business and get deeply rooted in the philosophy of helping people get what they want and you will get what you want as a byproduct of that process.

Stephon's extended vision is to help you Develop a purpose driven life and be a perpetual light that shines and create a pathway for others to follow that will build a financial wall around themselves and their family.

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