How To Influence People : 5 Fast Fix It Solutions


How To Influence People  may be one of Your most important human skill to learn and PRACTICE.

2. Quotes on Influence:
1. Leadership is influence: Nothing more, Nothing less. ~John Maxwell

2. A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. ~Henry Adams

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If you are struggling with your level of influence? It’s very important that you dial in on these 5 Fast Fix it Solution on How to Influence People. The size of your business and income is in direct proportion to your level of influence. The good news is that influence is a skill that can be developed and that is why I created these 5 tips for you; so here goes:

#1: SHOW GENUINE INTEREST IN SOMEONE ELSE:  People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. If you truly want to master this skill and influence people, you will create a lasting impression. Create eye contact when you are meeting and talking to someone. Keeping eye contact builds instant rapport and trust. Do not stare, it’s disrespectful and uncomfortable for both parties. If it’s a video make sure to always look into the lens of the camera. The eyes are the gateway to  the heart and soul of people.

Tip #2: Remember People’s Name:  Too often people are quick to declare I am bad with names. One of the easiest thing on how to influence people is to remember their names. The sound of that person’s name is the sweetest sound in any language to them. Upon learning someone’s name, creatively mention their name at least 3 times  in the conversation. To help you remember, practice to mentally associate names with a landmark or something relatable. Additionally, when you leave their presence, write the name down and any other pertinent information you got during the conversation, like birthdays, Children names etc.

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#3: Listen More; Talk Less: Most people listen only to reply and not to fully understand; but if you want to truly be effective on how to influence people. Be a better listener, give the speaker the gift of your full attention to show that you are actively engaged. When speaking in person with an individual keep your belly button pointing towards them and remember eye contact is essential.  If you are asked a question, repeat it in your mind at least once. This technique creates a delay and shows that you are truly listening. Always keep your audience the main subject of your conversation by asking them questions and your ratings on how to influence people will sky rocket. This method allows you to learn more about their interests  and will aid in determining ways you can serve them.

#4: Sincerely Make Someone Feel Important:  Leaders always place priority on how to influence people. Because people matter. Treat everyone you meet as if they are wearing a sign that says “Make Me Feel Important“.   A successful technique commonly used to achieved this is F.O.R.M. This is where you ask questions about their Family, Occupation, Recreation and then you transition into your Message.  Always give a sincere compliment before ending the conversation.

#5: Smile and Show Gratitude: Smiling creates a positive atmosphere which sets the tone for a fruitful dialogue. A sincere smile adds to your ability to influence people in a sincere way and increases your likeability factor. Practice smiling in front of your mirror daily. Make an effort to let people know that you appreciate them because Today’s gratitude creates tomorrow’s Happiness. 

There you have it, my friend, 5 Fast Fix It Solutions on How to Influence People and get them attracted to you and your business so you can serve them with your product, service or opportunity.

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